What is Offshore Development Centre?

“Offshore Software Development” occurs when a business chooses to outsource work to a partner in a region with a different time zone from their headquarters. This means hiring an off-site and remote team to work together on a software development project. This is used for many tasks that range from basic coding to the development of custom software, web, and mobile applications.

By providing support to offshore development, companies are able to offer their teams direct or indirect access to the work completed by developers and designers in another country. In addition, the first-hand experience of working daily with talent from other countries allows them to master new skills.


What do Offshore Developers Do?

Offshore developers may work from a remote location and will usually be part of a large remote development team. Their attempts at pitching new ideas or ways to tackle existing problems have often turned out to be refreshingly innovative. They have always delivered otherwise unattainable levels of quality in the products that we’ve helped our clients bring to market. This is mainly due to the fact that most are from different cultural backgrounds, so the offshore software development model will tend to provide a diverse team that encourages innovation instead of resenting it like they might in a more restrictive environment. This creativity has unleashed their imagination, leading them to find unconventional solutions (for example, since they aren’t physically being watched, they’re free to come up with unusual solutions to complex problems). So it’s like unlocking a vault holding an eclectic group of artists and letting them loose on your project!

ODC benifits

Why ODC?

1. The Most Cost-Effective Partner
An Offshore development centre, offers an operational offshore software development services where a dedicated team builds your product and supports your services with the proper office infrastructure and human resources. There are reliable and steadfast team of developers and technical experts who effortlessly carry out the development process. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you can save up to 60% or more of your software development project execution costs because of an ultra-modern facility geared specifically for realizing software projects. It allows for optimal technology for developing cutting-edge products, managing efficient day-to-day operations, and providing sophisticated training programs for upcoming talent.

2. The Right Mix to Spark Innovation
The professional and technical mix provides the perfect setting in which innovation can break out. ODC means to address barriers with a centered mindset, conceptualize trailblazing ideas and offer the potential cost savings in investment by letting us handle your development projects.

3. Eliminate the Recruitment Voes
With IT Outsource service providers, you can engage the experienced and talented developers on the talent pool right away to develop a robust solution for your business. It helps streamline the hiring process and make it much faster by removing any hurdles that may otherwise come with it. Using an offshore team is a cinch because they are already up-to-date with the latest technological trends, and they are great at building market-ready solutions.

4. Resources That Can Be Scaled
ODC provides scalable technology resources, allowing you to cut back on recurring expenses and still have complete and direct control over the ODC by interfacing directly with team members responsible for the execution through a project manager.

5. Optimized Workloads & High-Quality Solutions
By hiring ODC services you can shrink your workload with quality deliverables. Committed developers completely take care of your project; so that you can focus on your core objectives.

Dedicated offshore development approach helps your business reach its goals quickly while driving functional value, simplifying business processes, and bringing high-quality results by using latest technologies.

6. Curtail Risks
Hiring IT outsourcing services can help your business diminish project risks such as loss of control, breach of security and office space and working conditions. Furthermore, ODC helps you execute top practices and strategies to boost flexibility and decrease downtime.


What Makes Vidushi Infotech’s Offshore Development Stand Out?

In the last 18+ years, Vidushi has successfully collaborated and served more than 5000 clients and 500 resources outsourced. Today, Vidushi Infotech is a fast-growing Multi-National, CMMI Level 3, IT, ITeS & On/off shore resourcing company that provides incomparable services, top-of-the-class products, and cost-effective solutions to a range of businesses across the globe. Vidushi Infotech has a direct presence in India and USA and an indirect presence in over 90 countries through business affiliates.
In this age of connectedness, cyber security is critical to your business’s long-term success. It’s important that you choose a reputable IT provider such as us, who have both the experience and know-how to manage new technologies securely.
Vidushi employs highly skilled and extremely talented developers. This ensures your business and software development is in the best hands.
Certain projects require resources and individuals that possess very specific technical expertise. The team at Vidushi has adequate technical expertise. Similarly, we provide clients with resources as per their expectations; this ensures the projects continue to run smoothly without ever running into downtimes.
Vidushi provides clients with cost-efficient and very reliable offshore development options without spending valuable time in the hiring loop. The team is trained to communicate effectively in the language of choice. All development workflows are designed to ensure timely delivery and efficiency.