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Get cutting-edge enterprise-level data analysis and intelligence via immersive visuals created with Power BI platform. We offer effective Power BI solutions to businesses in various industries so they can get the most out of their data.

Our Power BI Development Services


Power BI Development Services

We provide custom design and interactive report creation to provide a concise view of all critical metrics. Our developers will assist you in creating customized dashboards and retrieving interactive reports.


Power BI Data Modeling & Analytics

We develop a data architecture roadmap based on best practices, industry standards, and the most recent proven techniques. Our team works very closely with you to create conceptual data models based on data object and relationship analysis.


Power BI Integration & Customization

We assist you in integrating a variety of data sources for your BI solutions, including text files, CSV, 3rd party APIs, My SQL, NoSQL, Oracle, and more. You would be able to gain access to various data sources and improve data exploration to find insights.


Power BI Visualization & Reporting

Our developers use Power BI tools to create custom dashboards that are tailored to specific roles and departments. We conduct routine health checks on implemented dashboards and offer recommendations to improve performance as well as ensure better reporting.


Migrate to Power BI

We can assist you with the migration of legacy applications, excel spreadsheets, and other BI tools to Power BI. We guarantee a minimal amount of downtime, accurate data transfer, platform optimization, and related customizations.

Leading Power BI Development Company

Power BI is a collection of products & services for individuals as well as teams that includes Business Intelligence (BI), reporting, and data visualization. A unique feature of Power BI is its seamless integration with other Microsoft services and products, as well as its streamlined publication and distribution capabilities. As a CMMi Level 3 certified development company, Vidushi Infotech provides effective web solutions to businesses by leveraging cutting-edge Power BI development technologies. Our Power BI specialists are able to offer business intelligence solutions based on Power BI for data processing, storage, and analysis, key performance indicator (KPI) identification, integration of third-party solutions, embedding scalable data models, prototyping, and creation of customized reports.


Why Vidushi Infotech?

As a top Power BI development company in India, we are dedicated to assisting your company in transforming large-scale enterprise datasets into rich visualizations, interactive dashboards, and custom reports that help your company make quicker, wiser, and more informed business decisions.

Efficient Consulting
Our Power BI consultants can assist you through the entire data transformation journey of your business from creating a roadmap to strategize the data plan, evaluate existing systems, and implement a modern BI platform.

Timely and Quality Deliverables
We respect the value of our clients’ time and adhere to the highest standards of delivery, making us a reliable option for a wide range of businesses and companies.


We Strive for the Highest Standards
We take a creative, data-driven approach with our clients, providing them with fresh ideas through analysis and issue solving, followed by swift, perfect execution and the industry’s best customer care & follow-up.

Your Information Is Safe with Us
Your privacy and the security of your company information are essential to you, and we get that. To keep your data safe, we’ll sign an NDA.

Our Power BI Expert Methodology

To begin using Power BI for data analysis, a user doesn’t necessarily need to be a data scientist or any kind of programmer. The tool’s interactive visualizations and detailed information make it simple to understand reports. It is simply a drag-and-drop process if you are creating a dashboard. With a few simple clicks and the help of free add-ons from Microsoft and third-party applications, data can be organized and customized as desired.

We can help you to navigate Power BI desktop to provide quick explanations for ups & downs in the data charts. The outcome of this action will display your data’s growth and reduction using a ribbon chart, scatter chart, stacked column chart, waterfall chart, etc.

Power BI can quickly generate simplified visualizations of your most critical business data from multiple datasets. By combining these visualizations into one dashboard, official free add-ons allow anyone to easily read and comprehend it. These apps offer highly customizable charts and graphs that can be used to present data from various sources in any way the user sees fit.

Power KPI displays key performance indicators and supporting data in a simple dashboard format. The user will have extensive control over the appearance of the visuals as well as the business logic that drives the dashboard. Even when working remotely and across multiple devices, executives can quickly understand and derive insights from the data with the aid of a dashboard built from various datasets and charts.

Power BI is an example of a product that provides reliable predictive analytics and forecasting capabilities. The best feature of Power BI is the ability to run and analyze numerous “What If” scenarios on your data, such as financial projections or industry-specific growth markets, by adding a prediction to your line chart.

With the aid of built-in predictive forecasting models, we can assist you in automatically detecting seasonality and the upcoming reporting period (week, month, or year). These models will assist you in using statistical analysis to extract likely conclusions from historical data and present them in a graphical format that is user-friendly.

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Our Power BI professionals provide the most up-to-date, efficient, and cost-effective methods for completing projects, including requirements gathering, project report development, quality assurance, deployment, and refreshing data.
Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool that can be used to generate interactive visualizations from a variety of cloud and on-premises data sources.
As an offshore Power BI consulting services company in India, we understand that confidentiality is one of the concerns that make most companies hesitant to outsource Power BI development projects, so we take extensive measures to protect our clients’ confidential information. To safeguard the confidential information of our clients, we sign an NDA agreement at the beginning of a project.
Yes, we do provide support and maintenance after service.
You can either hire a single Power BI developer or a dedicated team of Power BI developers depending on your business requirements. We have a variety of flexible options for seamless and improved business partnerships.
It can be around 6000 to 15000 USD, depending on the project.
We’ll assign a manager to your project when you join us, and they’ll keep you regularly informed of its progress. The expert will keep in touch with you over Skype, among other channels, if you like those methods.
Power BI is superior to the other tools because of its user-friendly interface. Data integration and report generation are relatively quick, allowing for more insights in less time.
  • Power BI Development Services
  • Power BI Data Modeling & Analytics
  • Power BI Integration & Customization
  • Power BI Visualization & Reporting
  • Migrate to Power BI
Some important Power BI tools that we use are Power BI Desktop, Power BI service, Power BI Data Gateway, Power BI Report Server, and Power BI Mobile Apps.