Improve Your Revenue by Utilizing
Our Excellent Marketing Automation Services

Customer Relationship Management CRM

Our team makes it extremely easy to organize and grow your customer base with the help of effective CRM that helps in tracking, data visualization, email, and more.

With that, we do regular checking of sales pipelines, communication tools, and account management to make sure your business is receiving better ROI, leads, and sales.


Email Campaign Automation

We have a team who works on converting potential customers into regular buyers through visually appealing and high-conversion templates.

For that, we come up with strategic planning where we study the requirements and analyze the business. We can set up any type of marketing automation campaigns like welcome, promotional, post-purchase, re-engagement and win back occasions, and many more.


Sales Funnel Management

Our team works on creating an efficient sales funnel where we make sure to achieve your goal.

We help in ensuring which leads work, help in nurturing leads based on stage levels, forecast sales for the month, and get focused on target areas with transparent procedures that need more development.

Lead Tracking and Analytics

Lead Tracking and Analytics

We help you with installing, migrating, and troubleshooting tracking codes from different analytical sites,

along with Bing Ads and Google AdWords conversion tracking, and analytical scripts. We ensure your URL tags are correct, analyze the sales value and leads and give you a proper insight into ROI and ROAS for each channel.


Social Media Automation

We use Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social along with many others to help in managing your business to the right audience.

With the help of the latest technology and insights, you can be assured that your campaign gets the maximum engagement and revenue.


Advertising Automation

Digital marketing happens through various channels.

Now is the time to grab the opportunity for strategy relieving on search, email, social, paid, and more, and for that, we make use of advertising automation that helps in bringing clarity to data, revenue, speed, and more. With our services, you can receive access to MarketingCloudFX which is a platform for small to midsize businesses.


Omni-Channel Communication

With the help of our team, you can get better communication through our strategic procedures which include delivery of consistent customer experience,

engaging with customers, improving metrics for agent productivity and unified customer data, and more to help with your growth.

Why Us?

Our ways to help your business grow is through effective website analytics and discovering which strategies, marketing tools, and content delivers maximum lead, calls, and sales. In fact, we also set up social media, advertising, and email campaign automation to produce an effective workflow. Learn more about our services in the category.

Here are some of the benefits of marketing automation:

  • Improves marketing efficacy
  • Helps with generating leads
  • Provides you with a multichannel view
  • Aligns your business to sales and strategies
  • Improves your ROI and Conversion


You can choose our service because it will add value to your CRM, offer customization, follow up leads quickly, provide customer acquisition and nurturing leads, and understand customers and behavior to give the best results.
Yes! It is a very powerful tool and thus costs you a higher margin, but we can give you at affordable rates as well depending on the amount of service you need from us for your project.
Yes! It goes well with inbound as marketing automation is software and inbound marketing is a methodology and both together can help in creating better revenue for your online business.
If you choose to go for marketing automation now, then it will help in increasing the overall productivity of your business.
It helps with tracking and targeting customer behavior, reduces costs, improves marketing efforts taken by professionals, lowers the chances of bugs, and gives prompt revenue to your business.
Look for the features, affordability, services they provide, how many years of experience they have in handling such automation, scalability, how many automation projects they have delivered without issues, integrations, user reviews they have, provides customer support whether they offer post-delivery support, which automation tools they use and more.
Usually, it depends on the project size, effective work hours, customization, etc.
Automation work includes procedures like tracking and capturing the activities, nurturing leads, and then scoring, aligning, and then checking the progress, and improving the work accordingly.
There are many from which of them including lead generation, scoring, nurturing, email marketing, and audience augmentation.
This is a system that triggers communications happening in emails based on user behavior. The targeted messages grab the prospect’s attention and accordingly help sales.

Quick Tip Do’s & Don’ts

Find out the best tips for effective marketing automation


  • Have a proper strategy for all your works
  • Clean your database on a regular basis
  • Set realistic and achievable goals


  • Set and forget about your automation
  • Use it for Spam
  • Make it an automatic tool for connections