Online Reputation Management company in Pune India

Why Choose Us?

We are unlike other online reputation management companies in the world. What sets us apart is the chase toward building a brand reputation through ethical planning. We don’t employ untested labor. We take the time and effort to get your story out there. We work toward creating a proper strategy for development and promotion. Through this technique, our experts help increase your business’s online reputation, improve your credibility, and make your brand well-recognized among the target audience.

As an ORM agency, below are some of the benefits we give:

  • Boost sales and build trust levels
  • Cost-effective tactics to improve the reputation
  • Develop positive reviews
  • Builds brand image


Our ORM service will help in building a brand reputation with the help of tactics that involves curating researched content for user engagement, promoting your product through social media, using cost-effective methods to engage with customers, generating positive reviews, and building loyal customer trust, which in turn help in customers purchasing items.
Our service will help build the reputation of your business, boost sales with Vidushi Infotech, build your brand image, use cost-effective marketing tactics, use Vidushi to help improve the search engine ranking, help you increase positive ROI, and more.
Our team is well-experienced in handling ORM projects, and through careful analysis, we get to know the complexity of the Project, divide it into each individual, measure how many resources are needed, and then come up with a deadline.
Businesses with online stores like hotels, restaurants, gyms, clothing, perfume, bags, retails, or any sort that wants online customers to engage with their product and buy it are the kind of businesses requiring ORM.
The prices depend on the type of project and requirement.
We give daily, weekly, and monthly reports and our communication process happens on Microsoft Outlook, Teams, Basecamp, or Skype.
It can help grow brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and engagement, boost sales of your business through effective communication, promote your brand and increase positive reviews.
We give quality information. The best way to reduce the bad reputation is to work on providing original and high-quality content that pushes the wrong links off the SERPs. We also eliminate negative links, write targeted content, and post it on social media channels.
The best way is to write a high-quality, engaging blog post and spread it to the viewers who want to know about, let’s say, good beauty products to treat hyperpigmentation or innovative tools that come in the industry, car updates, etc. Additionally, being active on social media channels is also a beneficial way to know your audience and give them what they need through your business.

Quick Tip Do’s & Don’ts

Here are some tips from online brand management services for managing a brand’s online reputation.


  • Report reviews that seem fake
  • Promote your brand through social media channels
  • Provide quality content for engagement


  • Sideline, the customer service
  • Ignore the negative feedback but respond with politeness
  • Use unethical tools and techniques