First of all I want to be thankful and grateful to Suresh Sir from the bottom of my heart for giving me a wonderful opportunity to work with Vidushi.Hence with due respect I am really grateful to him for all my achievements till date. Vidushi is the organization where we can really get multiple challenges to improve ourselves which makes us grow as whole personality. This is what I had experience in Vidushi. Thanks to Vidushi who has given me chance to work on different platforms which were a great turning point in the career of my life.I must be also thankful to my friends Rakhi, Poonam, Krish, Girish, Shantanu who were part of my memorable journey in Vidushi. Birthday Bash, Annual Events, many joyful moments which gives me happiness I do remember. My best wishes are always with Vidushi.
When I joined Vidushi, I was quite young and now I have groomed up as person to face any challenges and pressure. Obviously all credit to VIT.I enjoyed the journey of more than 5.5 years here. I am thankful to God for this. If I say I have achieved something here, it’s not only my achievement. Its never. Its people who are part of your life. My success and my achievements and whatever I am today its only because of everybody’s contribution its a contribution of all Vidushi staff, clients, colleagues who have left Vidushi, my Management and of course God. Learning, growing and contribution gives you satisfaction. Learn, grow , contribute to the organization. Then you will feel top of the world.