When I joined Vidushi Infotech in January,2005, it was a small firm with very few developers and web designers sitting in a small cyber cafe size area in Vishrant wadi, I was wondering is this really a software company or just a cyber cafe 🙂 but soon it started growing and blooming and finally turned into a full fledge web based software solution provider.
The BEST thing about Vidushi Infotech is that it gives all employees of all departments/profiles to work, explore, experiment,make mistakes and correct them, grow as a Professional and perform.
I will like to compare Vidushi Infotech with the BHATT CAMP of Bollywood, the Bhatt’s( Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt and Vikram Bhatt) give a platform to new fresh actors who have no Godfather in the Film industry, they tune the actors and these very actors later turned out to become BIG STARS in bollywood and earn both money and fame. Same is applicable for Vidushi Infotech, the Management – Suresh Sir and Vijay Sir and other Senior employees give the Freshers a chance to join their organization and learn and work and deliver good work which helps these very FRESHERS to later jump to other big projects and companies and reach to great heights in their career….. so HATS OFF to the Management first and then the employees who in turn train the freshers who join this company.
100% of all employees who had worked in Vidushi Infotech have climbed the ladder of success in their careers and NO DOUBT the credit first goes to Vidushi Infotech and then their own efforts.
I am too, grateful to the management of Vidushi Infotech and all the employees who had helped me learn and overcome my weakness and perform upto Client and Management satisfaction level.
The success of Vidushi Infotech is a TEAM SUCCESS so if I take names of few employees it will not be fair, its a TEAM EFFORT !!!
So, Hats off to all those who had worked in Vidushi Infotech in past, present and will be joining in future, work hard here, concentrate on Quality work and be a performer.
All the BEST to TEAM VIDUSHI !!!