Today it gives me immense pride to share my experience of working with Vidushi. It really was a great atmosphere and excellent people to work with. I specially remember the parties and outings we used to have at Vidushi.
Nothing was better than the attitude of every person working with this company, where everyone’s ideas were valued and everyone one had a chance to express their thoughts. This company very well knows the need and expectation of every employee which always promoted a great atmosphere that everyone wants to be a part of.
I am really thankful to this organization to provide me and my friends an opportunity to start our careers. My Team and management gave me an excellent opportunity to showcase my caliber and helped me grow in technical as well as managerial capacity. I learnt a lot during my stint with Vidushi which helped me grow in my current work place at Ignify. I am currently working at Ignify in the capacity of Support manager and leading onsite and offshore teams.
I consider myself fortunate enough to be affiliated with such a fantastic organization.
Vidushi rocks….