It’s been more than 3 years that, I am enjoying working with you guys! I have spent my days in VIT with good amount of creative works, good Team Members, some good clients, so many good and lovely people and supportive management. Today, I am really happy to have this opportunity to thank everyone for giving me so much love, care, respect, laughing moments and best memories, which has been stored in my long time memory sector. 😛

My Team:
Being the Creative Manager, I have met these creative and talented people around me- Sushil, Prashant, Altaf, Arif, Khalid, Ashish- it’s been really fun to work with you guys, with so much life, creativity, colors, and all of your supporting hands.

My new Fresh Team Mates:
Himanshu, you are He-Man! and you are doing good and you can Great…you can conquer! Just be steady Chotey! J
Gayatri(G.G.), thanks for supporting me all the time, you are sincere, talented, just be creative, learn more and be sweet! J

I will definitely miss most of the people over here, with whom I have spent lot many best moments and days.
# My very first VIT friends- Monica, Yuvraj, Shweta Patel- It was really wonderful laughing session and best moments with you guys. Thank you for all the possible supports and love.

# My Mates- Anand aka- John Sinha, Diwakar (DD), Pinank, Ruchin, Kamesh (Cheers Forever)

# SEO Team Mates- Kshitij- The Boss, Gaurav (GD), Sandeep M., The writer Baxi…Ajar Baxi, Sweet Sharvari, Lill Ashwini, Dr. Saheeba Ritu and my Dearest Leena- You are the best and a lovely girl with full of life and my closest pal forever.

# My Tea time and fun partners- Sandeep T(alented), V-neck (Brilliant timing and great sense of humor), YOgesh (The Kindness Distributor), Neeraj (The Wikipedia), will meet for drinks for sure! ~D)

# My Project Managers- Mayur, Kishor, Vivek, Aparna, Ajit, Priti and Pawan, thanks for supporting, guiding, understanding and the great push! 😛

# Our great Tech supporting guys- Busy Bhaskar with red eyes, Invisible and Busy Ganesh (Sweet Boy)- Thanks a lot bhailog for making our machine and our life error free. And yes downloading and uploadings for us! 😉

# And my fellow friends- Sahil (Thanks for everything), Rohit, Bheem, Neelesh PO-man, MAN-girish, ANNA, Sagar Patil, Prajot, Nikhil, Amruta B. RajaLaxmi and Diggu, please stay connected.

# And yes I would like to thank, our best man Subhash, for making our life easier by keeping our desks and machines shining without any dusts, store water for us, deliver letters and parcels, distributing candys and chocolates, reading other’s news papers and giving us the latest updated news! 😀

My Reporting Manager- Mr. Satrughan Sir, Sir, it’s been really honor and a great luck for me to work with you. You have supported me, guide me, appreciated me, scolded me, given me freedom on my ideas and work. You are one my humble and respectful senior of all time. Thank You so much Sir.

Ravish Sir, we had debate and discussion over work, but most of the time you only came out right, the reason is you are always logically very much sound and the deep knowledge about the product and the client needs. Sir, you have supported me as a friend and it’s been wonderful and tease-full working experience with you! J

Vijay Sir, Thanks for all the support and fulfilling our technical needs and thanks for all the resolved issues.
Greess! Our all time favorite Girish! Seriously man, trust me! it’s really not easy to find a person like you in this moron world. You have won many hearts by your humble nature, your all time supporting hands with a big smile. Bro. I wish, if I could work with you again…I will Keep in touch with you and will keep sharing movies jokes an