Vidushi infotech has given me a great platform for learning and enhancing my know-how. Throughtout my tenure, i earned a lot friends and good co-workers who not only became my lifelong friends but also my mentors.
Vidushi is a company with a very systematic and organised environment. It gives immense opportunities for everyone who wants grow rapidly. I am thankful to Mr. Suresh Prasad, Mr. Vijay Prasad for giving me opportunity to work with them. It is a company with a very huge catalog of services and products. It not only has explorered unknown in our country but also abroad. It is a great company to work with where you will earn profound exposure and invaluable experience!
The company is less like a corporate structure and more like a family. I really miss the entire team of vidushi. I will never forget my TL who always provided me valuable support and encouragement. I also am very much thankful to Mr. Amit Patole and Mr. Vinod Ghosalkar. I really wished to work longer over here and learn more and be more in that great working environment!