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Big Data Services

Vidushi Infotech has been in the software business for 15 years and along with strong proficiency in various web development solutions we also have a good command & expertise in delivering Big Data services. Our Big Data analytics solutions, give enterprises an opportunity to turn unstructured data into commercially viable information. This information helps organizations make strategic business decisions.


Big Data has made substantial changes to market dynamics & as a result, enterprises that are left out will continue to struggle against competition. Every day, new tools & methods of capturing & analyzing data are introduced in the market. Hence, enterprises are in a deep need of out of the box solutions to address these challenges. Vidushi Infotech’s Big Data analytics solutions are aimed towards providing robust solutions to help enterprises, structure information & as a result strengthen and get accuracy in the decision-making process.

big data


New Business Models

Innovation is the key for every successful Big Data Project. Vidushi Infotech offers solutions that give a transformational edge to the organization with actionable data insights.


Analysis is the key to successful Big Data implementation.

Data Automation

Automation is the life line for businesses in the virtual space. Conversion of humongous amounts of complex data into easy and user ready business format is what we excel in.


Every new technology demands a strong strategy & Big Data works on similar guidelines. Big Data services are appreciated worldwide and hence a rapid adoption trend is observed.

Big Data Analytics

Vidushi Infotech offers a potential opportunity to analyze large density data, with the help of Big Data Solutions. Our data analysts, well versed with various support technologies make a smart approach in harvesting, analyzing and activating useful data & ultimately line up easy achievement of business goals.


Discover the power of Big Data Solutions Hidden in Our Successfully Delivered Projects

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Vidushi Infotech understands the significance of 'Big Data' in today's business environment. Our Big Data analytics solutions are designed to help enterprises map the enormous data and create better business insights.

  • We offer customized big data analytics solutions that help enterprises obtain real-time business insights using emerging technologies.
  • Vidushi Infotech plays an integral role, as an experienced IT partner and help businesses design effective data mining strategies and solutions to gain the most out of their data.
  • We are at the forefront of pioneering Big Data analytics and provide IT solutions centered on this emerging trend, which would completely transform the way enterprises deal with data.

Why Choose us?

Various Big Data Sources

Vidushi Infotech assists enterprises with the following technologies, Hadoop, MongoDB, Apache Solr. We also are experts when it comes to gathering data from multiple channels to gain business insights from structured and unstructured data.

Taming Voluminous Data

Vidushi Infotech understands the need for gearing up and obtaining value from voluminous data, to create meaningful business insights. Our Big Data analytics solutions allow enterprises to turn unstructured data into commercially viable information, which helps our clients make better strategic business decisions.

Reduced Dependency

It’s time to transform & stop depending upon data analysts to answer questions pertaining to Social and other data volumes. Let us help you with Big Data Solutions to deal with the same more efficiently.

Complete Package

Our services are comprised of 4 major pillars called, Integrated platforms, scalability, multiple data sources and formats and rapid deployment.

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