I still remember the Dighi office which was a 10 X 10 small shop with 4 people and wondered, is it a IT company or a DTP center? If I join there, where is the place to sit?.
I never forget the first meeting with Mr. Suresh as a battery picking assistant. It was an accident or I would say its God’s wish I met him with my friend Arul who supplied the first digital UPS to VIT and introduced me to Mr. Suresh. I am still surprised that without having a second thought he immediately asked me to join Vidushi InfoTech on the inauguration day in October 2003 at Vishrantwadi. I was a raw stone at that time and VIT polished me as a Gem within a short period. Mr. Vijay, Mr. Rakesh & Mr. Satrughan are the ones who taught me the basics of web development and are equally responsible for my success.
I thank Mr. Suresh who hold my hands & gave confidence during my maiden steps in the world of IT. I learned not only the technology in VIT but also the leadership, management, visionary and entrepreneur qualities from an excellent friend Mr. Suresh. He gave me the freedom and opportunity to learn not only web development but also other infrastructure areas such as electricity, UPS etc. I was the person who used to open the company shutters when the day starts and close that at the end of day along with Mr. Suresh. All these are GOLDEN MEMORIES of VIT in my heart. I sit and wonder how VIT had grown in all these years.
Finally, VIT will be in my heart forever for another very personal reason, I met my Life Partner my Soulmate in VIT, Rakhi. I wish the whole TEAM of VIT great success and I am proud to be a VITian. I wish Mr. Suresh All the Best and may God fulfill all his Visionary dreams.