Just to share my experience and my journey with Vidushi; first of all let me tell you all that it is still not ended. Those fond memory working with Vidushi and Sir (Suresh Sir) is something that I still cherish.
I still remember when I joined vidushi, from then to now. It is all learning experience. Working with vidushi is not just about work but also enjoying while working. I remember my days in vidushi. It was so beautiful. I have had lots of fun. I can tell you that those were the best days of my life. Best moments of my life. Had few set of friends whom I enjoyed a lot, we worked together, we enjoyed together. I remember my first annual meet in vidushi… it was just a thrilling experience. Work, rehearsals and work. My friends at work Poonam (My college friend), Gauri and Girish we just enjoyed. I remember sir saying to all three of us “Teen deviyan” (Me, Poonam and Gauri).
All the thanks goes to Sir (Suresh Sir). I remember he saying one day to me that you do whatever you want to but work comes first and should be completed first. I had a liberty of doing extra curricular activity as well with the term and conditions that it will not hampered my work.
I must appreciate Suresh sir that he always gave me an opportunity to learn. He was my immediate reporting boss. Has always encouraged me in everything. He made me learn new things. He would always emphasis me on learning new things and gaining new skills related to my field. I could go to him for everything that I needed. The opportunity to manage everything single handedly was possible only in Vidushi which enhanced my skills and made me confidant to stand in the market.All those who are reading this must be thinking it is all Goodie Goodie experience that I have. For them let me put it in this way that bad experience were there; I have cried, I have fought, I have also criticized (In front of sir) but that does not stop me from cherishing the good and showing my gratitude for all the good that I got. Infact I would say the good once were so much that bad does not count at all.
There is so much to put on the paper. I can just go on writing. I appreciate and take this opportunity to thanks Vidushi and ofcourse Suresh Sir to give me an opprotunity to learn, explore, experience and grow professionally. I wish all my luck to Vidushi.
Thank you SirI must say that you have been guiding me all the time.Thank you so much again.