Choosing a right career, at the right time with the right people is something that becomes the essential part in everybody’s life at some point. Well but in some cases when most of such decisions fail, luck comes in to play a very important role. So I consider myself lucky that this company chose me as a part of their incredible family. Not that I struggled a lot to find a suitable place for me to begin my professional journey but certainly it was nothing less than a magic that I found a place which gave me creative satisfaction and some good money as well . Vidushi InfoTech is that Magical place. Yes it truly is.Honestly very less people get to work on things they love from their heart. And I sincerely loved my job because at the time when people around you are getting into engineering and medical and all sorts of high profile degrees – I chose designing as my career path and then it was Vidushi InfoTech that gave me all those opportunities to explore my creative passions. I learned a lot of new things here under the guidance from some genius minds and soft-hearted people. Every moment at work was filled with sheer pleasure and contentment.
Once again, Thanks to Suresh Sir ,Vijay Sir and the entire team of Vidushi InfoTech for giving me opportunity and wonderful memories.
Good Luck, for the looooong journey ahead!!!