Im writing this letter as a token of appreciation for the 2.5 wonderful years that I have spent with vidushi infotech. I have really enjoyed working here. You have always been so gracious and supportive.
Thank you so much for providing a wonderful work environment that allowed me to learn and grow in so many ways.
You have always been a fair and kind employer. I remember my first few days of work. I was so nervous and made a lot of silly mistakes. I was sure you were going to fire me instantly. But instead, you didn’t even reprimand me. You just pretended like nothing had happened and took it upon yourself to make sure that I learned the process thoroughly. Honestly, it was your patience and belief in me that made me excel in my job here at vidushi infotech. I’ve made so many invaluable friends here, whom I’m going to treasure for the rest of my life.
As I move on to another career field, I will never forget your friendship and kindness. I will think of you often, and drop by for surprise visits every now and then. I would like to thank you all for the mentoring and support you have given me during my time here. The company gave me many benefits and the greatest thing that I experience here is to have you as my colleagues.
Thank you for allowing me to share my journey over these past 2.5 years.I wish great success to all of you in future!
Thank you!