It’s pleasure indeed to see that Vidushi GoC has successfully completed a decennium. This journey from one person to several persons and several companies wasn’t as easy. There were ups and downs in this time and that’s the part of business and management dealt with situations very well and wisely.
Learning is an infinite never ending process, keeping pace with new ethics, techniques, technology and trends; managing various people with different persona, this is what I learnt in long 4 years and hope everyone who is serving, will focus on Quality, Time Delivery and Customer Satisfaction.
I am thankful to Mr. Suresh Prasad for giving me opportunity to work with him and guidance given me so far. Big thank you to Mrs. Nalini Prasad, Mr. Vijay Prasad and Mr. Satrughan Prasad for providing guidance and knowledge time to time.
Being a part of VIT for long 4 years, it’s not easy to capture everyone but I would like to congratulate everyone who is part of team, was the part of team, my gurus and my ex-team mates.
This is just the beginning and soon I would be seeing myself writing another article for silver jubilee ceremony of Vidushi GOC.