Hi Folks,
Hope you’re all keeping well and nice to be introduced to some more folks at Vidushi, just providing feedback for Tejas – it’s been a great time working with him and he has recently saved me from a couple of issues with clients so it’s a good time to look back on it.

At our agency we need to get tighter on deadlines both setting them and delivering work on time to them, but this is just as much an issue with our as anything else, Tejas has been great at integrating with the systems we have in place at the moment and has often delivered to deadline despite unexpected extra demands.
Kind Regards,

– Pauric Leech

Good Afternoon All,

What can I Say about Suraj? He is dedicated, quick to respond, and always does a great job. He understands what I am asking for and offers suggestions on tasks when submitting them. He has helped me navigate our website clients and has been a pleasure to work with.

I have gotten to know Suraj on a personal level and have made a friend with him. He has helped me grow in understanding how to build and use WordPress and always took the time to meet with me if I didn’t understand something with the work.

It was indeed a pleasure with Suraj and all of the VDI team!


– Jennifer Hammond

Vidushi has been great to work with. We’ve had some challenging campaigns to work through but they have been very efficient and responsive.
– L. Piikkila

I have worked an ecommerce with Vidushi and the result has been really good. The team has worked tirelessly and has always helped to resolve complex situations with the client. Very satisfied!
– L. Garcia

Hi Team, I just finished a call with the team presenting their database work to set the foundation to run campaigns for Keller Heartt. I am so proud of the work they have done. I thought you needed to know the beautiful quality they have delivered. World class! Totally world class. I’ve worked with many technical teams and I have rarely seen this level of quality engineering. I don’t impress easily and the team has done that. It was a difficult call because of the client’s lack of knowledge and they handled it like superstars. You really should celebrate these guys.
– H. USA

I wanted to give a special thanks to everything working hard on VoSee especially during this pandemic. I realized that working from home adds complexity to our communication but Girish and everyone at Vidushi Infotech have done an excellent job. We have all pulled together to keep business running during these hard times. It isn’t always easy but we have excelled even in this hard time. We have many more very projects on the horizon and I look forward to working with this outstanding team!
– John W.

A trusted partner who have given me 7 years of attentive and caring service at competitive prices.
– P Connolly

It’s a great pleasure to recommend Vidushi. In my six very happy years of collaboration with them, they have consistently performed excellently which gives me supreme confidence in selling to my clients as I know that there will never be any problems with delivery. They have been, still are and I’m sure will continue to be a delight to work with.
– J Barrett

We have used Vidushi for SEO services. The communication is excellent. The monthly off-page SEO has been very good and has given good results and the monthly reports have been great
– Eric D

I have used Vidushi´s service in several ocations and I’m satisfied by the level of service and support they provide. They are strong on web based application development, service dedication, communication and support.
– Rafael L

I’ve had a great experience with the Crew at Vidushi Infotech. They go above and beyond the call of duty for my clients and our agency. I highly recommend these guys for SEO!
– Matt Koutsoulianos

I rely totally on Vidushi for all aspects of my Business. I have a dedicated person that follow and improve all my projects… I can count on them anytime. Great services at a reasonable price. I am a big fan of efusion also, I really appreciate their knowledge of this solution. They really, really, simplify the internet…
– Daniel Depaz

I have been working with VIDUSHI since 2014 when I started my WSI Franchise business in Greece. Although Vidushi is a well established and certified provider of internet marketing solutions for members of the WSI community, the key differentiator to us in Greece is the ability to adapt for the needs of the local language by working closely with our needs, as well as the level of reactivity exemplified during various crisis situations (website malware, down time etc.). With this in mind I am very happy to collaborate with the team at Vidushi and would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone interested.
– S Koutsoulianos

At Vidushi, I have 2 dedicated persons on yearly basis. 1 english speaking for web design and coding (eFusion and WordPress), 1 french speaking to take care of client communication plans we settled together (shape content -texts & images- for Blogs & SocNetworks, client emails, …). I’m pretty satisfied with the direct work and Surrounding support. Main challenges for me: Keep a continuous and steady flow of tasks in the tubes – find the effective way to feed the tube with no precision loose – keep their on site management constantly aware on current projects.
– Gilbert Marie

Dear VIT and team: On behalf of MD Group, I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your efforts over the last year. Thanks to you and the team, we have numerous new capabilities at MD Group that are helping us to collect data more cost-effectively and do a better job of displaying our data to our clients. You and your team developed and deployed our new version 3.0 application, which made a huge improvement in the user experience. This included rolling out new tools, such as our TSR, equity dilution, burn rate, and Black-Scholes interactive calculators. You implemented a more user-friendly toolbar functionality on the application, which helps our users every day. In addition to the new version of the applivation, you have continued CLIC development, with a major development effort into improving our Board Pay capabilities. This has involved a complete rewrite of the entire Board Pay module to enable us to input much more data and track the compensation and awards for individual directors at each company where they serve as board members. In addition to the new Board Pay module, you expanded and improved the input mechanism for plan-based awards metrics and have made numerous improvements for efficiency and speed. You and your team have worked well with the data entry team in New Delhi, which has improved our data-entry turnaround. Finally, you and your team have shown successful proof of concept for retrieving proxy filings and financial filings direct
– E – MD Group

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