All about Influencer Marketing and Its Importance

Published On: August 19, 2016Categories: Digital Marketing

Gradually influencer marketing is gaining popularity in the world of marketing and is becoming a favorite platform or channel for the marketers. This can be now considered as the fastest growing online marketing channel, as per reports.

The idea of this marketing is to get influential people to sway consumers to choose your brand and make a purchase. This is similar to word-of mouth marketing because both the method makes use of explicit recommendations.

Any individual, group or brand can be an influencer only if they have the ability to influence purchase decision of people. Influencer can be anyone, a famous celebrity or a blogger or a customer. Let’s find out why this channel is getting so much importance.
Benefits of Influencer Marketing
Here are a few benefits that marketers experience while choosing this channel over others. Take a look:

  • This form of marketing can be successful even without constant attention. You can leave it in the hands of influencers
  • Attracting influencers can benefit you for a long time, even after you stop working
  • Building strong bond with influencer will raise awareness about your brand
  • As you are making use of influencer’s persona, there is no need to put your brand under public scrutiny.
  • This channel involves focusing on individuals

Tips for first timers

How to launch a successful influencer marketing campaign? Here are a few methods that you can go through: Find out your target audience: It is important to find out who you will be selling the product. If you can understand your audience’s type you can easily influence them with this form of marketing.

Find out right influencers: Find out people who are having the capability to influence your target audience. Everyone can’t be a great influencer and it is your responsibility to find out the reliable one.

Connect with Influencers: after you are done with picking up right influencers for your brand, take your time to know them. Check out their content and social media profile. Interact with them as much as you can. Following them, sharing their content will be a good idea. Make the most of this platform so that you can achieve better results.


Influencer marketing can be considered or is deemed as the next level of content marketing. This is an essential tool for every marketer to succeed in today’s competitive age. Incorporate the above steps to start with your first step of marketing.

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