Employee Review

Prashant Kumar Jagtap

November 8, 2022|

Im writing this letter as a token of appreciation for the 2.5 wonderful years that I have spent with vidushi infotech. I have really enjoyed working here. You have always [...]

Neeta zagade

November 8, 2022|

I would first of all like to thank Suresh Sir, Satrugan Sir and Vijay Sir for giving me an opportunity to work with Vidushi Infotech. I would like to thank [...]

Altaf Pinjari

November 8, 2022|

Finally the moment has arrived to say goodbye, which is never easy, when you have been part of the Vidushi Infotech for 2 years. It has been a fantastic journey [...]

Vikas Lodha

November 8, 2022|

It has been a memorable journey so far and I wish to thank you all for the support and guidance. I have enjoyed working here and I appreciate having had [...]

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Vinay Kumar

November 8, 2022|

First of all I would like to say thanks to Vidushi Infotech for giving me this opportunity to start my career. I joined vidushi infotech as a fresher and my [...]

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Datta Parad

November 8, 2022|

It is with a heavy heart that I must say goodbye to all of my friends and colleagues here, many of whom I have seen on a daily basis for [...]

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Reetika Shrivastava

November 8, 2022|

Working with this company for these years I really appreciate the support and the coordination provided by all the colleagues. I have gathered a lot of knowledge working for this [...]

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Somnath Khaire

November 8, 2022|

It is time for me to move on so with a very heavy heart I wish to say goodbye to all of you. Today is my last working day in [...]

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Khalid Bagwan

November 8, 2022|

As I leave to pursue my new career venture, I want to take the time to "thank you" for your expert tutelage and support during my employment. Working under your [...]

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Naveed Shaikh

November 8, 2022|

I want you all to know that I am truly leaving here with mixed feelings; happy about my new career opportunity, but sad to be leaving such a great company [...]

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