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Published On: August 24, 2014Categories: Mobile Marketing

India is one of the largest economies across the world, undergoing industrialization with rapid pace, where marketing has the potential to influence audience through cross-channel promotions. But, how to feel the difference in the competitive arena? Indeed, it’s the use of smartphones, which can leverage customer eccentricity marketing with online presence and better ROI.

A few years ago, the situation demanded adaptation of a business website to function on a mobile device; thereby creating a mobile website, and eventually, “a mobile app“. Today, a number of mobile tactics have emerged out, which are easy to adopt. Mobile is not a single channel, but a single device opening doors to reach out potential audience. It helps to exploit a wide range of mobile techniques including website, applications, email, SMS, push notifications, advertising, search and much more.

Mobile Marketing is Evolving at an Unbelievably Break- Neck Pace
As the number of mobile users is increasing like never before, mobile marketing has gains an immense growth in its popularity. Technologies supporting mobile marketing include 3G, EDGE, GPRS, Wi-Fi, SMS, GPS and USSD. The face of business and marketing has drastically changed for various businesses such as mobile advertising, games, online stores, and location-based services. As technological development never stops, mobile marketing is clear to have the maximum potential growth in India.

Mobile Marketing Popularity in India

  • • Easy availability of mobile devices
  • • Large population accesses Internet through mobile devices
  • • About 72% mobile penetration is expected by the year 2016
  • • India’s mobile video consumption has grown double
  • • Approx. 65% of individuals share videos on mobile
  • • Around 62 million people access Facebook through mobile.

Today’s customer is completely digital-savvy. Why would one be interested in generic marketing? If your target customer is craving for personalized and tailor-made products/services, then Mobile Marketing is the perfect answer to it.

Mobility solutions work wonders by providing mountains of information and creating an intimate, targeted brand impact. Mobility has immense power to transform the entire marketing communication strategies, which calls for a firm mobile marketing strategy for every small & large business. It enables you to target the “bull’s eye” for customers – they can reach whatever they want, wherever and whenever they want.

Why Embrace Mobile Marketing Strategy for your Business?
Mobile marketing is an incredibly exciting space in today’s digital world, which one can’t lag behind. You can grab customer’s attention via widely trusted accessories through text messages, 2D Barcodes, Proximity Bluetooth advertising strategy, and LBSM (location based social media). It was the year 2012, when the tipping point arrived and it became too difficult to ignore mobiles, which followed through a massive wave of mobile accessories – smartphones, tablets, and touchpads. For example, if you have website and your competitor have both website mobile sites, then guess who’ll get the call first?? No matter you run a small, medium or large business, when customers are mobile, why can’t you?

What Do Marketers Expect this Year
In 2014, mobile marketing is expected to top the list, creating innovative marketing technique to outsmart the business competitors, increasing click-through-rates and conversion rates and reduction in costs per lead.
So now that you have got a better understanding of mobile marketing, it’s never too late to take up a new resolution! If you’re confused about how to get started, we’re here to help you out.
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