How Website Engagement Rates Create Impact on Organic Rankings?

Published On: June 20, 2016Categories: Digital Marketing

It doesn’t matter whether your business is large or small, organic click through rates always matter. Though it is not a direct ranking signal, CTR is considered for being the indirect signal, creating an impact on ranking. If you can improve your click through rate, automatically you will see good rankings and improve in conversion rates.

Having positive website engagement metrics is always a necessity for making your business successful. What matters the most is getting thousands of clicks on your headlines, if those visitors doesn’t stick to your site for more than a few seconds.

Do you think that engagement rates and rankings are related? This piece of writing will let you know about the relationship between engagement rates and rankings. Let’s get started:

Does Google Measure Dwell Time?

Yes. Google measures dwell time or how much time a visitor actually spends on a particular page. The problem is we can’t measure so but what we can do is checking three engagement metrics that are almost equivalent to dwell time; bounce rate, conversion rate and time on site.

Bounce Rate

It’s not that Bounce rate is a direct ranking factor, but bounce rate impact rankings as well. As long as you are having low bounce rate, your position shows up between 1 and 4. But if the bounce rate starts increasing, then you will see a drastic change in your page ranking.

There is definitely a strong relationship between ranking and bounce rate. Google measures dwell time to check whether websites are getting better CTR and if the clicks are valid or if they are just click bait.

But it is still unclear whether higher rankings cause engagement rates or not or are they caused by some completely unrelated factor.

Regardless, perking up engagement metrics like bounce rate will definitely have its own benefits.

Conversion Rates

It’s a known fact that higher click through rates leads to higher conversion rates. If you can convince users about clicking on something, that may result in purchase or sign up.

What we actually need is an engagement rate detector so that we can detect high and low engagement rates. conversion rates are crucial success metric because you get the most value, which signifies that users found what they are searching for.

How to Increase Conversion Rate?

You need to follow a few basic steps. Have a look:

  • Revise your offer- Instead of changing images, it is better to trash off your current offer and create a new one. Find out why people are not interested in your offer. It is important to be open-minded because that is adjacent to what you are currently doing.
  • Remarketing: Are you up to remarketing? If not, then you are doing wrong. Remarketing impacts engagement metrics like conversion rate, dwell time because visitors are more familiar to you. This means that they are more likely to be engaged with you for a longer period of time.
  • Facebook Ads: Social media is the ideal platform as it helps you influence users much before they do searches. It’s a fact that brand awareness creates impact in reader’s mind which influences their engagement signal. If you want to promote your content, share the link on Facebook and see how much popularity it gains. Facebook ads impact clicks as well as conversions which you will get from paid and organic search. This is the best way to reach targeted audience.
  • Clean up neighborhood: If you are done with trying all the above steps, and still have bad neighborhoods on website having low CTR, delete all of them. Terrible engagement metrics can lead to a death spiral and this is where your site gets fewer clicks, less leads and sales. Better CTRs, improved conversation rates, higher engagement rates, lead to higher leads and sales. Improvement in metric will result in better organic search ranking; creating more clicks and conversions.

Expectedly, it is clear that organic CTR matters a lot to business. But let me tell you that high CTRs with low engagement rates are not that useful. Executing the above strategies will surely help you create better engagement rates and ranking.

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