Why Audiences Prefer Remarkable Content And Ideas?

Published On: March 8, 2016Categories: Content Marketing

What do we exactly mean by remarkable content? Now, that’s a million dollar question. Remarkable content is all about creating a piece of writing that will be “remarked upon” by the readers.

Today, when the quantity of information has increased immensely over time, people won’t accept content that are only meaningful and specific, unless they are delivered the right way. Simple delivery is no longer enough for us. Content featuring an intriguing story will be loved by the readers. Factually, the presence of a story at the beginning of content increases the number of readers. Storytelling has always been and will always be the most powerful tool if used correctly.

Why do People only Accept Remarkable Content?

If you see it from a marketer’s prospective, then it is entirely about ROI and search ranking. Simple content doesn’t appear in Google search results and neither do they get attention from the readers. So, what’s the purpose behind delivering such content?

This is when you need remarkable content. People now prefer going through content that intrigues them and allows them to remark upon. Competitive advantage is the reason why we are here.

We have summed up for you the vital reasons behind the demand for remarkable content and ideas.

Writers should understand that readers are used to “scrolling”. Approximately 66 percent of our attention is spent below the fold as we become impatient to get over those boring introductions. So, it is important for the writers to deliver something that is exciting as well as engaging from the beginning to the end.

If you can’t deliver a good piece of writing, client will not pay you and your business will suffer. The equation is quite simple. No matter how powerful a story is, readers will love it more only if it feeds their curiosity. According to Allex Turnbul( Founder and CEO of Groove), presence of story at the beginning of an article, increases the number of readers. We should not forget the cost of information.

Paid advertising suffers due to low clicks and poor conversion rates. According to 90 percent of respondents, they never ever made a purchase commitment after clicking on an ad. When purchasing a product, they pay attention to the content or descriptions published and then start with their shopping. So, content plays a big role here!

SEO strategy has also changed over the years and this appears as a strong reason why you should publish remarkable content on your webpage. Google determines content that others share as it boosts your contents authority.

Content comprising of visual information are always preferred by readers. In this competitive age, it is really difficult to deliver content without visual support. This is the reason why Infographics emerged and gained popularity within a short span of time. Utilizing sounds and pictures in a story will capture audience’s attention to a huge extent.

Native ads appeared as a great solution, but still we prefer writing more than anything else. It was since 2013 that the interest for native advertising increased exponentially.

How to create Remarkable content?

If writing is your passion and you are ready to improve your writing skills so that you can deliver remarkable content, check out these points:

Firstly, your content doesn’t have to be remarkable for everyone, but only for your target audience. Before publishing a piece of writing, ask yourself if it is worthy enough. This will let you improve your writing to a certain extent.

Secondly, being unique and delivering a completely different perspective will surely earn you points on a remarkable scale. People love choosing controversial topics and so it is better to write on topics that are in high-demand.

Thirdly, make sure that the content you are publishing on your site is original. Original data enhances the credibility of content, making it trustworthy.

Fourthly, do you think your content is thought provoking? Write something that will raise reader’s curiosity level and will also let them think. If a reader walks away from your content, what is the benefit of writing?

Fifthly and most importantly, does your content exemplify a high standard of quality? Now this is a bit difficult for you to judge if you have written it. Hire someone who can judge so on your behalf, so that you don’t need to worry about your content anymore.

Final Thoughts

If you are not a captivating storyteller, the web is not at all a friendly place for you. It is hard but not impossible to succeed when addressing a niche. Content marketing has become the most powerful tool used to engage target audience. So, its better you focus on delivering remarkable content.

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